Fees and EYFE funding

  • Pre-School Fees

    The fees outlined on this page are correct at time of going to press, please check with the staff for any changes.
    Fees are invoiced monthly or half termly depending on your choice and can be paid by bank transfer or cash.

    Our sessions run:
    Monday to Weds 9am-3pm 
    Thurs, Fri 9am-1pm
    Lunch is 12pm-1pm
    Early starts are available Mon-Friday from 8.15am – 9am

    If your normal session is 9am-12pm but you wish to stay for lunch that day then you will be charged for the extra hour as listed below. 
    Any additional hours beyond your normal booked sessions are charged as listed below. 

    For both fee paying and funded children we ask that your child attends a minimum of 2 sessions a week (at least 6 hours a
    week) to ensure each child receives the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and form positive relationships.

    Notice for changing sessions – We require one month’s written notice, that your child will be leaving or decreasing sessions. 
    If you wish to increase sessions we will attempt to provide this option as soon as sessions are available. 


    • Early start 8.15am - 9am
    • Hourly rate 9am - 3pm
      2 year olds - £7.00
      3 and 4 year olds £6.50
    • Registration fee
    • Extra hours outside of EYFE funded hours
      £6.50 per hour
  • EYFE Funding

    All three and four year olds and some two year olds are, from the term after their second or third birthdays, eligible for early years free entitlement (EYFE) funded hours 15 hours a week for 38 weeks per year (term-time only) or if the child attends year round, 570 hours stretched over the year. Some three and four year olds are eligible for up to 30 funded hours a week (term-time only) 1140 stretched over the year if their parent/s are eligible. For further information go to the government’s Childcare Choices website

    Our funded sessions are term time only from 9am-3pm Monday-Weds  and 9am-1pm Thurs-Fri. 
    Any extra hours over 15 hours a week are charged as per information below unless you are eligible for 30 funded hours. 
    For 30 hours eligibity please see information below:


    • Extra hours outside of EYFE funded hours
      £6.50 per hour
    • Early start 8.15am-9am
    • Registration fee
      £50.00 (£100.00 from Sept 22)
    • Sustainability charge for funded children 3 years and above. We ask for this per day that your child attends in order to cover the cost of extracurricular activities (yoga, music, cooking, etc.)
      This is not applicable to families receiving income support, universal credit etc.
      £2.50 per day that your child attends