A typical day at pre-school

A typical day

9.00 Arrival, self-registration and free play. (Optional early start available from 8.15 by arrangement).

9.15 Adult-Led Welcome time including singing and signing, speaking and listening activities, sharing our visual timetable for the day. We use repeated language to help children develop understanding of simple concepts such as days of the week and the weather.

9.30 to 11.30 Free play including access to the garden whenever possible. Children can choose between a variety of resources and play areas reflecting the different areas of the early years curriculum.

Choice to participate in an adult led activity including arts and crafts, physical development, cooking, practical number activities, small group games

At 10.00 Snack bar opens. We do a ‘rolling snack’ which means up to 6 children at a time sit at our snack table with an adult and enjoy choosing and preparing themselves a snack. This includes crackers which they spread themselves, fruit and vegetables, and a cup of milk, oat milk or water. We encourage discussions about healthy eating, food hygiene and safety. Children and adults eat together and make snack and meal times a social event where children can learn from peers and adults.

11.30 Tidy up time encouraging the children to take care of the toys and work cooperatively.

11.45 Group time including a story, singing, puppets, bubbles, dancing, instruments.

12.00 Optional hometime / lunch time followed by free play

12.40 Afternoon story time.

1.00 Optional hometime/start of afternoon session

1.00 – 2.30 Free play including choice to join in an adult led activity. Milk and biscuits or dairy free alternative at 2.00.

2.30 Tidy up time followed by an active group activity.

3.00 Home time

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