Week beginning 5/2/24

February 18, 2024

🎆🐉🐲 Happy Lunar New Year! 🐲🐉🎆
This week we’ve had lots of fun learning about Chinese culture and Lunar New Year.
🍜Our role play corner was set up as a restaurant and children used real noodles and stir fry vegetables to use and explore in their role play.
🐉 The children worked together as a group to colour and decorate their big dragon art work. Each day it was added to and the final result was very colourful with lots of different materials used.
🧑‍🍳 We made our own crispy seaweed using Kale. The children enjoyed the process of this but most weren’t keen to taste it. The few that did really liked it.
🏮On Thursday the children made and decorated their own paper lanterns.
⚽️ we also explored our brand new hula hoops. The children enjoyed having rolling races with them and using them as a target to throw balls into.

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